About This Blog

Why Are You Blogging?
I have two little boys I love to pieces, but boy, are they a lot of work! A friend whose children now have children of their own shared some wise words about the stage I'm in right now: the days are long, but the years are short.

That phrase describes two of my three main reasons for this blog:
  1. The years are short (or so they say!)--Part of why I'm blogging is like that the author of this blog, which is where I got the cute design (for free!): I want to remember the elusive mommy moments I get to live out day by day.
  2. The days are long (I know this to be true!)--I want to help celebrate the parts of my days with a network of other moms, hopefully helping your days and mine to go by a little more quickly, or at least with a few more shared smiles along the way.
  3. The freelance writing field is hard to break into without writing attributed to you already being read online. So this blog is part of my attempt at becoming a well-read writer who has a better chance at getting paid writing gigs about topics I enjoy. :)
Who Are You?
My name is Tammy (Wojtas) Wagner, and I do have a personal blog, where you can learn about my family and my current station in life. My family has been on quite the journey this past year. I have a wonderfully loving husband of 5 years, and God has blessed us greatly with two happy, healthy boys, but almost nothing else in life is as we'd like it. My other blog, though, is where I share my spiritual journey and personal struggles. I started that blog so I had an outlet to share with others what God has been teaching me.

Why Start Now?
I've been doing some freelance writing for some extra $$$, and although it does give me a chance to write (something I've always enjoyed), it's often about topics that hold little or no interest to me. I was recently given a chance to enter a contest, though, for a yearlong writing contract with MomSquawk, and I so much appreciated the opportunity to write about a topic I'm living, that I decided to start another blog as a mommy, for other mommies! (I'm also doing a lot of marketing and asking for favors to help drum up comments for the writing-contest-turned-popularity-contest, so I figured it would make sense to use that traffic to help build up a readership, too!)

What To Expect
I want this blog to be a happy place! I've been following many deal blogs as of late, but that is not what this will be. This blog is for moms of all ages and for moms of babies and toddlers, in particular, because that's where I'm at in my mommyhood. I'll be sharing inspirational stories about my own mommy moments, women I admire (both personally and from a distance), and some helpful tips I've found to help bring a little beauty and sanity to my pint-sized world. I'll also implement a few product reviews and contests (don't we all love freebies!?) once in a while, for good measure.

I hope the Tammy Mommy Madness blog will give all of us a place to connect so we can celebrate one another's achievements, as well, and pray for one another, at times (see those pages for more info.)

Here's what you can expect, on a weekly basis, from my blog: 
  • Creative and genuine ideas and perspectives from one mommy to another
  • Cheesily alliterated titles and posts that would make a professional poet pity my plight ;)
  • 3-5 posts per week, including these 3 recurring spots:
    • Mommy Moment Mondays
    • Wonderful Woman Wednesdays (or Work-from-Home Wednesdays?)
    • Fabulous Five Fridays
  • At least one comment or response whenever you post on the "Silly Celebrations" page
  • A true "I'm praying for you" when you post on the "Prayer, Please!" page
  • A prompt personal response anytime you contact me.
I hope this blog will bring some new smiles and friendships into your life!

Tips & Tools
I'm not a computer geek, by any stretch, but I can do searches (usually on Swagbucks!) and find information. If you want to use any of my ideas for your own blog, freel free!

Here are some websites I used or consulted in creating my blog, and most of them are FREE:
By the way, I'll try to keep this list updated as I use other resources. Enjoy!