Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Not-So-Fabulous Ways to Sabatoge Your Children's Sleep

Okay, so my intention with this series of posts is to be helpful and even inspirational, but I just don't have that kind of thing in me right now. This week has been totally overbooked for me; I knew from the start of it that it would hold well-baby visits, a few other appointments, Caleb's birthday, a writing contest (please comment on my piece, if you haven't already!), another writing deadline, and preparing to go out of town this weekend. I did not know it would also bring increased efforts to sleep train Joshua, which would mean having his Pack-n-Play migrate to the living room (for night time) from our room (for naps) and back again each day, and then re-arranging our storage room, only to find a ton of MOLD, meaning we had to empty it out, so boxes and bins are currently crowding our already crowded living spaces. And my first vlog? You'll have to wait until at least next Friday for that!

All that to say, for your entertainment, here are my "5 Not-So-Fabulous Ways to Sabatoge Your Children's Sleep," all of which I have stupidly done:

  1. Leave the light on in your child's room.
  2. Immediately after putting your child to bed, drop dishes, glasses, pots, or pans in the kitchen, when your kitchen is close to your child's room.
  3. Accidentally put your child to bed an hour early, when he or she is not yet tired.
  4. Give your child a lot of sugary snacks right before bed.
  5. Forget to put a diaper on your child who is not yet potty trained. (I did this just last night.)

Extra Tip: If your baby falls asleep in a Jumperoo, be sure to turn off the sound!

    Now that you're feeling like the smartest mommy in the world, I hope you feel energized and empowered enough to be have a super Saturday and Sunday, full of relaxation and memories to last a lifetime.

    Signing off, this is

    reminding you that "the days may be long, but the years are oh-so-short!"


    1. Hi Tammy . . . this is Dayle (I followed you here from MomSquawk). I have certainly done my fair share of sabotaging! Thanks for the laughs!

    2. Oh, I think I've done all of those too! Followed you over from the MomSquawk contest. Just going to have a read round some more of your blog :0)