Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work-from-Home Wednesdays--Getting Started as a WAHM

Okay, so I don't have a banner created for this series yet, but I did decide on a Wednesday theme, as you can see.

After a delayed deadline of last Friday and its correspondence to our first ER visit with one of our sons, I was a little relieved to have no writing jobs coming up. However, by Tuesday afternoon, I had more leads than I could realistically handle, as well as a huge new project due this Saturday. In addition, I've had seemingly constant questions from friends, old and new, about how to get started with freelancing. Especially since many of my writing leads thus far have come from Facebook friends of mine, I truly do want to share what I have learned. But it's hard to find the time.

So in this new Wednesday series, I plan to give you a few tips and/or leads each week, to help my fellow SAHMs (Stay-at-Home Moms) become increasingly successful WAHMs (Work-at-Home Moms). I'll let you know about some of my successes as I live this journey, as well as some of my pitfalls, so you can avoid them. I also plan to feature other WAHMs who have started their own businesses in areas other than freelance writing.

Well, like I said, I have a deadline looming, so I need to cut this off. I think you'll benefit from reading this this post, error-laden though it be. And it's also one of the tips I'm sharing this week! 
Some week, we'll get into what I'm learning about affiliate links and advertising (ways to make money on your blog), but for now, you can blog on that site, and even 12 "Likes" can earn you $20! (I kind of wish I'd spent my time soliciting "Likes" on there--maybe I would have made more than I did by coming in 2nd in the Momsquawk contest! Oh, well. I met some fabulous friends, and they're the ones who turned me onto this site, in the first place. 

You'll have to register to comment or "Like" my post, or to post your own. If you let me know you join, I'll add you as one of "my bloggers," so I can "Like" you up, too!

Here are a couple other helpful sites I've come across and would be great for those wanting to write or earn a few bucks in other, random ways: (For writers, this post and its related threads are especially helpful: (I just started looking into this when other writing gigs started heating up, so I never really got started on it, but you can read this helpful, detailed review of another person's experience: (Here, you can find many tips from a personal friend of mine who has been very creative in earning a decent income for her family of 2 since she doesn't have a permit to work for income where she currently lives. She turned me on to many coupon and money-saving deal-of-the-day sites earlier this year.) This post is by a new friend of mine, the one who won the Momsquawk contest. She obviously knows what she's doing, so her tips are probably much better than mine. ("Like" it for her, if you do! And if you comment with a question about something you read, I'm sure that she'll respond.) In a comment, she asked me to add in this link where she's found ways to get paid to blog!

By the way, we're getting really close to those 50 FB followers and a $5 gift card givaway, so tell your friends to "Like" Tammy Mommy Madness fan page on Facebook! If they post on the wall, telling me you sent them, I'll enter your name an extra time for each friend!

Once we hit that  50-fan mark, I'll have other mommy-friendly givaways for you, my lovely fans, each week!

No matter how much money you have in the bank or due on bills, and no matter how many leads or deadlines are calling your name, make sure to take some time to look at each of your precious children full in the face, and tell them you love them, today! And show them you love them with some quality time, too! (If I can find the time and energy, trust me--so can you!)

This is
reminding you that even though today may be very, very long, the years are far too short!


  1. I am starting to think I am very glad I "met" you - and to think it all started with asking my crazy hubby why on earth he was "liking" a mommy blog on Facebook. (Drives me nuts b/c he won't read my OWN blog!)

  2. I should add the momsquawk was the blog he "liked."

  3. Ha, ha, Nicole! I guess I just bugged him enough, and he felt sorry for my begging self! :) My hubby surprised me by reading mine the other day, and it really made me happy! When I first read him my Momsquawk essay (he wouldn't read it himself), his only comment was something about a word or phrase he didn't like. Oh, well. That's why us writers need each other. (And I know I'm so glad I met you!)

  4. I love how you're developing your blog and sharing your new knowledge, Tammy! You are so generous. =) Thank you so much for featuring my post as one of your sources too. I really appreciate it! =)

    I'd like to add -- this is where I first saw the MomSquawk posting and my biggest client is from there too. =) Always fun to get paid blogging!

  5. Thanks, Sam! I'll add that linky in! Thanks for your generosity, as well.