Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Fabulous Baby Products

If you're expecting a little one and want ideas for budget-friendly, versatile baby gear to help you care for your bundle of joy, I hope you'll find this vlog helpful:

Since that video ended up a bit longer than I'd anticipated, here's a summary:

1. Boppy pillow
  • Tammy Mommy's recommended uses:
    • counter pressure after surgical birth
    • comfortable seating after an episiotomy
    • arm support for mom during nursing or bottle-feeding
    • infant upport for tummy time
    • fall protection for supported sitters
  • Pros: versatility, popularity (easy to find used, on Craigslist)
  • Cons: originally designed to help supported sitters, not to aid in nursing; allows small new babies to roll toward you, especially if you have a small build
  • Tammy Mommy's Suggestion: Get a "bare naked" pillow and at least two covers (find one to suit your unique taste here), or--for a product exclusively suited for nursing--try My Breast Friend, instead.
2. Moby-style Baby Wrap
  • Pros: 
    • more stylish and more comfortable than backpack-style carriers
    • more conducive to movement and more comfortable, for mommy and baby, than pocket-style carriers or slings--particularly as baby gets bigger & more mobile
    • versatile, with several ways to position baby
    • easily transportable, washable, and "makeable" (I think I just made up that word!)
  • Cons:
    • a bit pricey, if you get the name-brand model
    • slightly challenging to wrap, the first few times
  • Tammy Mommy's Suggestion: Buy some fabric, and make your own or buy a homemade knock-off! Also be sure to check out these videos (& more on YouTube) that show you how to wrap it.
3. By-Your-Side Infant Seat
  • Pros:
    • Higher than most infant seats, providing greater safety (especially with animals and other children) and convenience (particularly after having a surgical birth)
    • Longer than many similar seats, accommodating babies who are long
    • Neutral colors, storage shelf, and soothing music
  • Cons:
    • A little pricey, compared to traditional bouncer seats
    • Hard plastic and pathetic pillow
    • Cover that's difficult to remove
    • Takes up a lot of room, similar to a small swing
  • Tammy Mommy's Recommendation: If you buy this  or a similar seat, be sure to use a protective pad, and use this seat for sleeping, but only when baby is congested and uncomfortable lying flat, and  only with baby secured in 5-point harnass.
  • Side note: It's currently very hard to find, brand new; I'm not sure why, but I'll try to contact Bright Starts and find out. I am selling mine, soon, though, so if you live in Wisconsin, I know where you can buy one!
4. Piddle Pad
  • Pros: inexpensive & time-saving
  • Cons: NONE
  • Tammy Mommy's Recommendation: Buy one of these to protect each item that has stainable, hard-to-remove fabric covers (car seats, infant swings, bouncy seats, etc.).
5. Diaper Champ
  • Pros: Easier to use and less expensive than the Diaper Genie; helpful for those who use cloth diapers
  • Cons: NONE
  • Tammy Mommy's Recommendation: This is my #1 "must-have" nursery item! Make sure to be consisten with the "default position" so you eliminate icky odors as much as possible.
Wow! That took a lot longer than I hoped it would, this Friday afternoon! I hope it's helpful to Stephanie and other mommmies-to-be. If any of you other "seasoned" moms have suggestions for them, please comment below!

This is

reminding you that the days may at times be long, but the years--especially that first half year!--is really way too short!

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