Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Work-from-Home Wednesdays--Getting Organized as a WAHM

Why is it that I forget I need to create a banner for my Work-from-Home Wednesdays until it's dangerously close to being Thursday?

I guess that leads me to my topic for today. (I'll give you another week to answer all those questions about your own at-home business, okay?) My life is currently a multitasking nightmare--or is it a dream? Anyhow, I'm currently going into overdrive to get my freelance writing business started, in addition to taking a related online class and--of course--being a wife and mom and friend and all of that!

In the class I'm taking, one of the first suggestions was to establish a "writing routine." This concept can apply to any at-home business. Basically, the idea is that I need to set aside blocks of uninterrupted time in which to focus on the main event--in my case, writing. For you, it might be creating new designs or painting plaques. The point is that the other aspects of your business--and mine!--can be worked in randomly throughout your day. You can reply to client e-mails, do some marketing, or blog about your latest gig just about anytime, from anywhere. But the major part deserves some good priority time.

That concept alone has helped me a lot, this week. So have the following tools:

1. Tick Tock Timer This can provide great motivation and a competitive aspect to any item in your to-do list, whether it's racing to see how much tidying you can get done in 15 minutes or aiming to get an article done in less than an hour.

2. Remember the Milk To-Do List I love this thing! Not only is it available across various platforms as an iPhone or iPad app (I'd love to have an iPad someday!), but it allows you to list work, school, and personal items separately, while still allowing you to view items for today as a single list. LOVE IT!

3. Online Fax Service Freebies This is a listing of various fax services you can use to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. I signed up for eXtreme Fax, and I used it for the first time today. (You'll want to use the link embedded in the list I linked above, to get your 30-day free trial, though; normally, they offer only 7 days for free.)

I had to sign and fax a couple W-9 forms this week for new clients. Basically, they need that kind of paperwork on independent contractors who earn more than $500 through them, and some companies like to get it out of the way when you first start earning with them. I also had to sign a non-compete agreement for one firm.

Seriously, with these tools, I would be way ahead on all my deadlines, if I hadn't agreed to make dozens of cookies for one friend and bring a meal to another one, besides creating bridal shower invites and . . . well, you get the idea!

I hope thse tips help you (and me!) to get a little better organized, this week, whether you're starting your own business or simply trying to be an effective home manager.

This is a wired but tired

reminding you that the days may be long, but they're longer if you stay up late and get up early!

P.S. In lieu of my missing out on posting a Mommy Moment this past Monday, perhaps you'll appreciate this eloquently written piece by a friend of mine. Somebody pinch me, too! :)


  1. How are you working from home, if you don't mind me asking?? I mean, how did you get started in the freelance writing business?

  2. Jenna, I don't mind at all! Maybe I'll post my story next Wednesday or tomorrow, but the "short story" is that I've always been a writer at heart and actually studied the craft some in college. However, I never earned a penny through it until this past February, when finances continued to be really rough for our family.

    I noticed a friend post something on Facebook about an article she was writing. I asked her about it, and she shared the lead. From there, I started poking around online for other (better-paying) leads, and one thing led to another. I'm currently pretty confident that I'll be able to reach my goal of $1,000 a month, working very part time, within my first 1/2 year. Not bad, huh? Are you trying to get started in freelancing?